Examples of Procedures

Examples of (general) Management System (MS) Procedures

Procedure MS-1 - Control of Documents

Procedure MS-2 - Control of Records - COMING SOON

Procedure MS-3 - Internal Audit - COMING SOON

Procedure MS-4 - Response to Non Conformity or Incident - COMING SOON

Procedure MS-5 - Management Review Meetings - COMING SOON

Examples of (general) Business Management (BM) Procedures

Procedure BM-1 - Starting and Finishing a Role

Procedure BM-2 - Internal and External Communications - COMING SOON

Examples of Information Security (IS) Procedures

Procedure IS-1 - Information Security Basics

Procedure IS-2 - Working in Secure Areas

Procedure IS-3 - Network Management

Procedure IS-4 - Mobile Computing

Procedure IS-5 - Backups

Procedure IS-6 - Access Control and Rights Review

Procedure IS-7 - Intellectual Property

Procedure IS-8 - Manage Provider

Procedure IS-9 - Change Control - COMING SOON

Examples of Data Protection (DP) Procedures

Procedure DP-1 - Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) - COMING SOON

Procedure DP-2 - Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) - COMING SOON

Procedure DP-3 - Notification of Rights and Processing - COMING SOON