Unrecognised Certifications to ISO 37001

Dominican Republic - Certifications by Consultores & Auditores en Gestión S.A.S. [http://www.consultoresauditores.com]

Mejía Arcalá - http://grupomejiaarcala.com

Mejía Arcalá - Listin Diario - http://www.listindiario.com/economia/2018/02/05/501443/capacitan-personal-en-antisoborno

Mejía Arcalá - Aplatanao News - http://aplatanaonews.com/mejia-arcala-primera-empresa-dominicana-en-capacitar-su-personal-en-gestion-anti-soborno-iso-37001-2016

Please note the following about the certification of Mejía Arcalá by Consultores & Auditores en Gestión in the Dominican Republic.

An accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) that performs certification audits and issues certificates cannot also provide consultancy.

The name of the company that issued this certification translates into English as Management Consultants and Auditors.